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Last Mile Delivery Software

Last mile delivery software allows efficient route planning, the ability to adjust routes as needed, and offers full visibility of drivers and routes. More efficiency generally means higher profits and lower operating costs, so users may quickly see a return on investment for their delivery software investment.

There are many last mile delivery software platforms from which to choose, varying from basic routing to more complex platforms offering email and text ETA alerts, electronic signature capture, photo capture, proof of delivery documents, auto routing, scheduled runs, and more.

Customer Support is also an important component that should not be overlooked when researching last mile delivery software. The levels of customer support that software companies offer will vary. While researching, look into if there are additional fees for onboarding and training, customer support, and additional add-on features. When your business has drivers out on the road, it is crucial to be able to get answers quickly and resolve problems when they occur.

Another feature to consider is if the software is cloud-based, and how it works with your existing infrastructure. Some delivery software platforms may require you to install their software, restricting where you can utilize it. Others may be cloud-based, meaning you can access it wherever you have an internet connection and a web browser. In addition, it is imperative to research how delivery software platforms will integrate with your internal order management systems. Will you be required to use a certain technology, or can the software integrate directly with your existing systems, saving you additional time and money.

Reporting and data-driven decision making has become increasingly important when managing last mile deliveries and analyzing driver and route profitability, ETA times, and overall performance. Having data readily available allows you to implement needed changes that increase productivity, reduce route overlap, cut down on fuel and maintenance expenses, and help you achieve a higher return on investment for your delivery software. Reporting capabilities will vary between delivery software platforms. While researching, look for software that offers a wide variety of reports that can be easily filtered and exported for easier data analysis.

There are many different last mile delivery software platforms available. It is important to do your research. Network with others in your industry to gather feedback on which software they are using, why they are satisfied with it, or why they aren’t. Choose a software company that is easy to work with and provides a high level of customer support and unlimited training. Also, choose one with a variety of features that can be easily enabled for little to no extra cost. As your business continues to grow and increase efficiency, you want to partner with a last mile delivery software company that can grow with you and continue to fulfill your delivery needs.

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