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Chain of Custody, Complete Visibility and POD for the Kitchen Product Industry

In a utopian world, delivery vehicles would never break down, deliveries would always be made on time, and vehicles would drive like it was the first time they ever hit the road. But breakdowns do happen and deliveries sometimes don’t make the priority time window. Thankfully, dealers are there to deliver the necessary parts and on time.

The kitchen product industry is crucial to keeping the supply chain moving and the wide variety of stores that deliver parts to keep them on the road are equally important. Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatch management software can help these stores ease their customers’ worry by optimizing routes and expediting deliveries, providing real-time visibility, and offering a chain of custody every step of the way.

Features You Can Use

Here are a few key features that can be used in deliveries (see our Features page for additional features):

Optimized Route Sequencing

Optimized routes are efficient routes and the first step in streamlining your delivery operations. By using Elite EXTRA’s optimization engine, your routes will be built according to customer time windows, traffic, proximity, customer preferences, and much more. Optimization happens in seconds, allowing you to get your drivers on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Email and Text ETA Alerts

Keep your customers informed in real-time with automatic email and/or text alerts. When the driver leaves for the route, email and/or text notifications will be sent to your customers with their order information tracking link, which contains the driver’s continuously-updated ETA. Your customers can use the tracking link so they know exactly where the driver is and when they’ll arrive.

Signature Capture and Photo Capture

Parts can be expensive and you will want to know when they arrive, and that they arrived in good condition. Your drivers, equipped with the EXTRA driver mobile application, can gather electronic signatures and/or take photos at the point of delivery. All signatures and photos are automatically uploaded to your Elite EXTRA website where they are attached to proof of delivery or service documents.

Real-time GPS tracking

Full visibility of your drivers and routes is the key to making informed decisions. See your drivers’ locations, speeds, and route ETAs on a live map in Elite EXTRA. Easily change routes on the fly, which are read aloud to the driver on their device. Additionally, communicate with the driver in real-time with the built-in messaging tool.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning in Elite EXTRA is robust and easy-to-use. Scan invoice barcodes to create an optimized route quickly or have your driver use the scanning feature to verify that they have the right product or service items in their vehicle. Use the scan verification tool to double-check that the product is going to the right place. Once again, with parts being extremely valuable, it’s important to ensure that they’re in the right place.

External Delivery Services (EDS)

Select any route, order, or delivery and see the EDS that are available in your area. Visibility of each option’s cost and delivery time allows you to make an informed decision to get your part delivered as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Easily select the preferred external delivery option, and see them in minutes to complete your delivery! Not all items will be a good fit for EDS, but you’ll see the value for those Last Mile deliveries.

Integration Partners

Integration with leading order management systems brings Elite EXTRA’s complete dispatch management system to parts’ distributors. We’re pleased that the industry leaders in the kitchen product distribution space are all integration partners.

Procede, AutoLogue, CDK, MAM, and many more

"Made things a lot easier"

"The EXTRA team custom-built an app for us to use on our residential deliveries during the holiday season. Getting it up and running quickly, and tweaked for our needs, made things a lot easier during the busiest time of the season! The recurring routes feature built for us has been instrumental in increasing the level of customer service we can provide. When a customer calls looking for a package, we have real-time reports with signatures that we can provide to the customer to track down packages quickly. The staff at Elite Extra is top-notch. They are readily available, help with all aspects of training from management level down to our drivers, and overall easy to work with."

-Stephanie Butero CEO Gold Cross


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