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Elite EXTRA Dispatch Management for Garbage and Recycling Pickup

Elite EXTRA is a web-based order and dispatch management tool that garbage and recycling pickup companies across North America are using to streamline their routing operations. User feedback is the primary driver for monthly free feature updates. From quote and order creation to highly flexible dispatching and optimized routing, real-time GPS tracking, essential mobile functionality, and robust reporting, you won’t find a more cost-effective tool to streamline your dispatch and routing operations.

Elite EXTRA’s advanced and intuitive web application can be accessed anywhere through an internet connection and a web browser. Elite EXTRA can be integrated directly with your internal platform, so it continually ingests orders, automatically optimizes routes, and allows you to easily dispatch to your drivers. Stops and routes can also be built manually if preferred. After dispatching, your drivers will receive all pertinent pickup information in EXTRA’s free mobile application where they can collect signatures, photos, and enter notes at the point of pickup or service. Communicate with your drivers in real-time while tracking their route progress on an interactive map in EXTRA’s web application.

Features You Can Use

Here are a few key features that can be used on garbage and recycling pickup routes (see our Features page for additional features):

Optimized Route Sequencing

Optimized routes are the first step in ensuring efficiency in your garbage and recycling pickup or service operations. By utilizing EXTRA’s optimization engine, your routes will be built according to customer time windows, traffic, proximity, customer preferences, and much more. Optimization happens in seconds, allowing you to get your drivers on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Auto-Route allows you to select a group of orders or stops and automatically optimize routes for a specific number of drivers or vehicles. Or, select a group of orders or stops and allow the system to build routes that fulfill your time windows with the least amount of drivers. Select any order and Auto-Suggest will run a full audit of all your drivers’ locations to find the best driver to complete that order.

Recurring routes

For your routes that occur daily, weekly, or even monthly, allow EXTRA to automatically generate those routes according to the schedule you set. Additionally, set up your pickup or service zones in EXTRA to have the system build routes automatically throughout the day - saving time for your dispatchers.

Real-time GPS tracking

Full visibility of your drivers and routes is the key to making informed decisions on the fly. See your drivers’ locations, speed, and route ETA’s on a live map in EXTRA. Easily change routes on the fly, which are pushed out to the drivers’ devices. Additionally, communicate with the driver in real-time with the built-in EXTRA messaging tool.

Signature capture and photo capture

Drivers who may need proof of pickups, equipped with the EXTRA driver mobile application, can gather electronic signatures or take photos at the point of pickup or service. All signatures and photos are automatically uploaded to the web where they are attached to a proof of pickup or service document in EXTRA. Those documents can then be set to automatically email to your customers or your team.

Email and text ETA alerts

Keep your customers’ informed with automatic email and text alerts. When the driver leaves for the route, email and text notifications will be sent to your customers with the driver’s estimated time of arrival. Your customers can then follow along utilizing a tracking link as the driver arrives at their location.


Informed decision-making is powered by information. With EXTRA’s 80+ reports, you will be able to access the information that you need at any time. Additionally, set up auto-reports to send to your email automatically whenever you need them.

No matter if you’re delivering a product, a service, or anything in between, Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatch management software can streamline your garbage and recycling pickup and service operations! For more information about Elite EXTRA, go to eliteextra.com, or contact our Sales Team at 1-888-484-8729 or sales@eliteextra.com.

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