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Devices Required

Everywhere you look, there is a new device coming out. With so many devices and features, it is so confusing about what devices to get. Our software is compatible with many of the major device brands, but there are a few that we are not compatible with. ZTE and Alcatel devices examples of devices that we don’t support. The main devices we see running our Driver Application on are Samsung (Android) and Apple (iPhone or iPad) devices.

Each device has minimum requirements to support the utilization of Elite EXTRA.

Required specs on the devices:
Wireless Carriers and Data Plans:
Tablets VS Cell Phones:

A common question from new users is, “Should I go tablet or cell phones?” There are pros and cons to each device type. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is best for your business and workflow.

Android VS iPhone:

Android devices can use one general Gmail account and can be shared on multiple devices or you can create different Gmail accounts for every device. There are free applications in the Google Playstore that allows you to block applications from being used on devices. If there were any updates that need to be completed to our application, we can push that out to all devices within hours. Google software is open-source which allows 3rd party applications to be downloaded for free, and is a little less secure.

iOS devices require a unique Apple ID setup for each device. There is no simple method to block additional applications from being downloaded and used on devices. If there were any updates needing to be completed to our application, the update needs to go to Apple and pass their check before it can be pushed out to devices. Apple does have a more secure device.

Elite EXTRA’s Knowledge of Devices:

The Elite EXTRA team tests the platform on both Android and iOS devices. We have extensive knowledge about mobile devices within our organization and will continue to push updates that make the Elite EXTRA mobile experience better.

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