Delivery Network

Third Party Delivery Platform

Easily deliver with Lyft, Uber, Doordash and more with Elite EXTRA’s third party delivery platform

Delivery Network options on laptop
Delivery Network options on laptop

What can you expect from Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network?

Elite EXTRA has been streamlining logistics operations for 325,000+ users since 2008

More delivery options

Choose from numerous integrated third party fleets to complete your deliveries

Flexible delivery

Compare delivery costs and times of third party delivery options in real time

Happier customers

Wow your customers with fast delivery—no matter the status of your internal fleet

“We added $11,000 in additional revenue last month from one customer alone using Lyft through Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network.”

Ruben Ramirez | District Manager, Phoenix

“Yesterday, we got 41 sales that we would not have had without Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network”

Jason Shipley | District Manager, Indianapolis

“My main complaint is my stores don’t use Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network more.”

Anil Hinduja | District Manager, Arizona

“Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network has been an exceptional tool. The option to use Lyft has been a relief to my dispatchers and customers as we use Delivery Network to help us deliver to our key customers when all delivery drivers are out on runs”

District Manager | Arizona

The future of delivery is here

Streamline and scale delivery operations with third party delivery

Third party deliveries

Millions of delivery drivers

Delivery automation

Central contracting and billing

Provider price/time comparisons

Business rules setting

Preferred providers

Delivery provider analytics

Crowdsourced delivery


And much more!

Last mile delivery challenges are a thing of the past, want to learn how?

So, how does it work?

We keep the logistics simple, so you can focus on your customers


Gain access to third-party delivery providers within the Delivery Network—including crowdsourced fleets like Lyft and Uber, or regional and local courier fleets. No individual contracts are required – they are all handled within the system.

Delivery network integrated third party fleets


Compare delivery costs and times of your preferred third-party delivery providers for every delivery within the Delivery Network. Price and time shop for the option that works best for you!


Integrate the delivery network with Elite EXTRA Routing & Dispatch to compare delivery network drivers with your internal fleet and send orders to either at the point of dispatch.


Choose to automate the delivery process by setting business rules and preferred providers. As customer orders enter the system from your ERP or eCommerce system, your preferred third-party fleet will pick them up at your location and deliver them for you.


Receive delivery status updates from third-party delivery providers to keep your entire team in the know and to share with your customers.


Handle payments through the Delivery Network system so you don’t have to contract with each third-party provider. Analyze performance data of your preferred providers to make informed business decisions.

Deliver with the top third party delivery fleets in the nation with Delivery Network!

List of third party delivery fleet logo

And more!

Interested in learning more?

eCommerce same day deliveries

With Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network


How does it work?

Delivery Network integrates directly into your eCommerce platform

Customers are given the option for same day delivery at checkout

Delivery Network automatically sends orders to the best third party fleet to pickup and deliver the order

You and your customers are kept informed throughout the delivery process

Looking to offer same day eCommerce deliveries?

What are the benefits?

Offer your customers fast, reliable same day delivery

The delivery cost is added right to the customer’s bill at checkout

The delivery is automatically handled by our integrated and trusted third party fleets like Lyft, Uber and more

Seamless, hands-free integration that keeps the process simple for you and your customers

A fully integrated last mile ecosystem

Further empower your operations with these featured integrations:

Routing & Dispatch
Returns Automation

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