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Five Ways Delivery Management Software Streamlines Delivery Operations

Automatic Integration

Delivery Management software allows for a more streamlined delivery process by directly integrating with your preferred ERP or POS system. The days of manual order entry are gone and the time for streamlined order processing is here.

With a fully integrated delivery management solution, orders will seamlessly flow from your ERP into your delivery management software to save valuable time, cut down on entry errors, and increase the efficiency of your delivery operations.

Route Optimization

Route optimization capabilities vary heavily from platform to platform, so it is crucial to find a delivery management platform that can optimize your routes based on your independent workflow and needs. Some platforms may use a 3rd party optimization tool, whereas other advanced solutions may have a proprietary in-house optimization method. However, when finding a solution that will work for you, consider what is most important to your workflow. Do you need your routes to optimize based on distance, priorities, time windows, or all of the above? The best solutions on the market can route based on all of these criteria and more.

Route Creation

Finding a delivery management system that can create and optimize routes based upon your desired dispatching habits can streamline your delivery operations, cut delivery costs, save time in your dispatchers day, and can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line. Several of the leading delivery management solutions can automatically build routes based on predetermined geographic boundaries or set routes. These solutions take much of the time spent by the dispatcher building routes by hand, guessing which customers should be in each zone, and calculating distances and times of each route completely out of the equation.

With an advanced delivery management system, you can get full visibility of how many miles each driver will be driving, which stops will be on their routes, and the expected time of each driver’s route, which allows for more adequate planning and a more streamlined and profitable delivery model.

Dispatch to Mobile

If your drivers are still carrying paper tracking slips, routing sheets, collecting signatures by hand, and trying to keep it all organized to turn in at the end of the day, a better and easier way is here. Delivery management systems often come with a mobile app, which can be easily installed on the driver’s phone and walks them step-by-step through their workday. These downloadable apps can collect signatures, photos, and can even document COD orders and the cash or check amounts that were redeemed at each of the driver’s locations. The best part about these mobile driver apps is that they sync up with the desktop version management and dispatching use so that everything can be maintained in the easy-to-use control tower system. Never lose a proof of delivery document again! Arguably, the best part about the mobile apps, is that they tend to be very user-friendly to make the switch from pen and paper to high-tech a seamless transition.

Full Visibility and Real-Time ETA’s

Bringing everything full-circle, delivery management solutions can allow for full visibility of everything withing your delivery operations. Knowing exactly where all of your drivers, deliveries, pick-ups, and routes are is the true game-changer that delivery management systems can provide. Not only will this give your management team the full picture view you’ve been craving, but it also allows for tracking and ETA alerts to your customers, so they’ll know exactly when to expect their deliveries. In today’s competitive marketplace, having features like ETA tracking is such a necessity to compete against some of the larger powerhouses in the market.

Delivery management has proven to be a necessity in the ever-changing and highly competitive last mile market. As the market continues to grow with the high demand for online ordering, finding technology that will help you succeed and flourish will continue to be a high priority and can make a true impact in decreasing delivery costs and increasing your bottom line.

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