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The courier industry is a fast-paced competitive environment that demands excellence in logistics operations. In addition to a professional team, a courier’s technology must be an innovative all-in-one solution that gives full visibility of a courier’s entire logistics operation.

To help couriers simplify their complex operations, Elite EXTRA has developed Routing & Dispatch, a logistics management software designed to optimize courier routes, provide full visibility, and make the fulfillment process easier for courier drivers.

Optimized routing

Optimized routes are the first step in ensuring efficiency in your delivery or service operations. By utilizing EXTRA’s optimization engine, your routes will be built according to customer time windows, traffic, proximity, customer preferences, and much more. Optimization happens in seconds, allowing you to get your drivers on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Delivery Network integration

Utilize the Elite EXTRA Delivery Network empower your team with an innovative web and mobile application to deliver for businesses in your area. Instantly receive pickups and delivery requests from retailers in your market, and choose to accept or deny those requests. After your driver completes an accepted delivery, receive payment automatically based upon your preferred per-mile delivery rate.

Email and text ETA alerts

Keep your customers’ informed with automatic email and text alerts. When the driver leaves for the route, email and text notifications will be sent to your customers with their order information and the driver’s estimated time of arrival. Your customers can then follow along utilizing a tracking link as the driver arrives at their location.

Real-time GPS tracking

Full visibility of your drivers and routes is the key to making informed decisions on the fly. See your drivers’ locations, speed, and route ETA’s on a live map in EXTRA. Easily change routes on the fly which are read aloud to the driver on their device. Additionally, communicate with the driver in real-time with the built-in EXTRA messaging tool.

Signature and photo capture

Your drivers, equipped with the EXTRA driver mobile application, can gather electronic signatures or take photos at the point of delivery or service. All signatures and photos are automatically uploaded to the web where they are attached to a proof of delivery or service document in EXTRA. Those documents can then be set to automatically email to your customers or your team.

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning in the EXTRA system is robust and easy-to-use. Scan invoice barcodes to create an optimized route on the fly, or have your driver utilize the scanning feature to verify that they have the right product or service items on their vehicle. At the point of delivery, utilize the scan verification tool to double-check that the product is going to the right place.

On-the-fly route changes

Customer expectations in your delivery operations are unpredictable. This is why Elite EXTRA’s cloud-based technology handles any changes that you make in real-time so that any route updates are communicated instantly to all relevant parties. This allows for routes to be adjusted on the fly so you can maximize the efficiency and customer satisfaction of your delivery operations.

Custom driver templates

In the hectic world of the last mile, each customer wants different proof of delivery information to be collected by the driver. With custom driver templates, you can easily set a process for each customer which can include collecting signatures, photos, checklist questionnaires, ID Scanning, and more! After delivery, your customers will be able to view all proof of delivery information that was collected by the driver.

…This system has created ease of use for all our operations, billing and streamlining integrations with the API formats with our clients, all while improving driver visibility and transparency. We currently see customers rapidly expanding our business volumes into several new markets because of the real time transparency of driver tracking, communication and POD’s/signor information and visibility within the system. The thing I love most about Elite is once this team helps us build a solution for a customer we can service that customer with much less manpower than other software’s would require…

Lance D. Roberts

COO, Onway Transport

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