How Couriers Use Advanced Dispatch Software to Improve Logistics

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Blog, Routing & Dispatch

How Couriers Use Advanced Dispatch Software to Improve Logistics

When courier companies expand, they face several complications — these include more recipient inquiries, higher labor/fuel costs, missing packages or failed deliveries, driver shortages, and so much more. Every courier service needs to reduce delivery time and fuel usage while increasing the number of deliveries.

Advanced dispatch software is an excellent tool that can help fleet managers achieve the mentioned goals. It automates the routing and scheduling process, thus making deliveries fast, easy, and streamlined. Let us take a comprehensive look at how couriers can use dispatching software to improve logistics.

Photo and Signature Capture Eliminate Delivery Questions

Proof of delivery is a vital element in the courier industry. It shows where and when a package was delivered and in what condition. The dispatcher gets real-time data on whether a specific delivery was successful.

Dispatching software includes signature and photo capture that act as proof of delivery. Because these documents get uploaded into the system, there will be fewer disputed deliveries. Dispatchers will also find it easier to track a delivery if it doesn’t get to the client.

Route Optimization Saves on Delivery Time and Cost

One considerable expenditure for all delivery companies is fuel and maintenance costs. With advanced dispatching software, you can use the route optimization feature to get your deliveries on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is a handy feature that builds routes according to customer preference, delivery time frames, proximity, and so much more.

You reduce downtime by getting the deliveries on the road faster. Equally, your drivers get to make deliveries using the shortest route possible. Reducing the number of miles means lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Email and Text ETA Alerts Reduces Number of Recipient Inquiries

Keeping customers informed helps increase customer satisfaction in the courier industry. For starters, customers don’t need to contact you frequently to get more information about their deliveries. It is much easier to focus on streamlining first and last mile deliveries with fewer recipient inquiries.

Advanced dispatching software also includes a tracking link in the email and text ETA alerts. Therefore, your customers can follow up on their deliveries on their smartphones or laptops. The chances of missed deliveries significantly reduce because both the recipient and courier are on the same page.

Real-time GPS Tracking for Easy Communication

Advanced dispatching software eliminates the need for third-party tracking solutions. Your dispatchers see your couriers’ locations and route ETAs on a live map. Making informed decisions becomes easy and straightforward because all of the information is at your fingertips.

Dispatchers can communicate with the couriers and update them on the fly. Equally, courier businesses can update their recipients on the status of their delivery without contacting the drivers. Doing this reduces downtime because dispatchers don’t disrupt the couriers.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Advanced Dispatching Software

Staying competitive in the courier industry starts with optimal route planning and delivery management. Using Elite EXTRA, an advanced dispatching software, you can improve the delivery experience for your recipients, dispatchers, and drivers. Contact us today to start streamlining your delivery operations and improve your bottom line.

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