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Using One Login Across Multiple Sites

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Elite EXTRA’s Access Portal is a way for users to log into a site that allows for viewing multiple sites and view details about all of the connected sites or locations. Users can utilize many functions on the sites, like reporting, searching for orders and order statuses, and download data from them. Our Access Portal is a clientless Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that provides a single secure access to web sites. Since this is an internet-based tool, there is no need to install software or hardware clients. This feature proxies HTTPS connections to the Access Portal. The Access Portal can be used on any supported web browser, like Goole Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If there are multiple available locations within an Access Portal, each site will display all dispatch locations that are found on that site. Labels can be given to sites that are added to the Access Portal and that appear on your Site List and Cross-Site Reporting pages. This feature helps to organize the information from each of the sites. The Cross-Site reporting feature allows users to run reports with a variety of available parameters on sites within the portal. The user can select whether they would like to run reports from a single site, a few selected sites, or for all of the sites connected to the Access Portal. Elite EXTRA has a wide variety of reporting tools that provide useful and actionable data for your business. Contact the support team to inquire about the reporting options.

Another great feature within the Access Portal is the ability to search across these multiple sites displaying a rather unique and ubiquitous view of all data available. Elite EXTRA allows the results of these reports and searches to be exported and then imported into a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.The Access Portal also provides the ability to display and download Proof of Deliveries. For more information on Proof of Deliveries click here (add link when available).

The Access Portal is a convenient way to view information about multiple sites within one easy to use platform. Hundreds of different configurations are available through Elite EXTRA. Contact the sales team to learn more about how this feature can benefit your company.


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