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The EXTRA Process

From your initial contact with our business development team down to our ongoing customer support, you will find the EXTRA process to be streamlined and simple. Here is an overview of our process:


  • We're consultants first, so let's start with a conversation - about you.
  • We'll talk about your organization, your processes, your flows, and what you'd like to change.
  • We'll discuss how EXTRA might fit in and make things a little easier.
  • A live demo to show you exactly how EXTRA works, is often the next step here.
  • If necessary, we'll show as many demos to you and your team as you need.

Moving Forward

  • A quote will be provided, along with expectations for implementation, ROI, and training.
  • If you decide you would like to give us a shot, we will draft an agreement.
  • You will notice the agreement is month-to-month, and pay as you go, just like we discussed on the demo(s).
  • Once the agreement is authorized and sent back, along with setup fees, we will get started building your site.
  • We encourage you to send over your customer list at any time, so we can get started on that (CSV or Excel file).
  • If you don't have mobile devices, or aren't sure where to go for them, we can point you in the right direction, or in many cases, even provide them to you.


  • Your site gets built, and if we're integrating with your order management platform, we'll flip on the order capture.
  • The free EXTRA Driver app can be downloaded in iTunes or Google Play.
  • Training via webinar gets scheduled. We are happy to do additional trainings at no charge.
  • Members of our support staff will check in early, and often, to make sure you're still feeling great about EXTRA.


  • Don't hesitate to call in with any questions or comments.
  • You will hear from our support team relatively reguarly about feature upgrades and new releases - via phone, email, and newsletter.
  • Because upgrades and new features are free, hopefully you'll come to us with ideas.
  • You'll tell many of your friends how awesome the EXTRA team has been to work with (at least we hope so).