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"cut fuel and paper costs"

Charlie Collat
Executive VP and COO
Mayer Electric Supply Co. Inc.

“Elite EXTRA delivers an all-in-one solution that provides us with optimized routes, real-time ETAs for our customers, precise visibility of our drivers, signature capture for POD, the means to add pickups to a driver’s manifest while enroute, and the ability to take photos out in the field and attach them to orders. Integration into our customized POS system was seamless, making it easy to generate an invoice for billing. In short, Elite EXTRA is helping us cut fuel and paper costs, while increasing our efficiency and delivering even better service to our customers."

"Elite EXTRA helped us streamline our operations, reduce costs, and improve our customer service. The rollout was easy, the technical support is excellent, and the system is extremely reliable."

"reduce costs"

Richard White III
White Brothers Auto Parts

"return on investment has been realized"

John Figueira
Parts Manager
AutoNation, Mercedes-Benz Stevens Creek

“We run a complex network of parts deliveries through several hub locations between two major delivery areas. Utilizing EXTRA has allowed us to visualize each of our delivery routes and drivers, so that we may pinpoint areas of overlap and inefficiency and adjust to meet our high standards. Our return on investment has been realized by accurately tracking transfers between two markets, eliminating dead hauls back to the point of origin, and greatly reducing the number of overlapping routes and multiple delivery stops at a single customer."

"EXTRA’s driver tracking not only allows us to know where our trucks and merchandise are, but also allows us to increase our customer service… Not only does it look for the most efficient route for the driver to take, but it takes into consideration divided roads and traffic patterns…One of the best parts is that all of these features integrate with Auto Part... It just flows from one system to the other."

"most efficient route"

Michael Harrington
General Manager
Mighty Auto Parts #314

"game changer"

Ryan Samuels
Vice President
Buy Wise Auto Parts

“EXTRA has been a game changer for us when it comes to effectively meeting the delivery expectations of our customers. The ability to track our deliveries in real time and be proactive in solving a potential problem rather than reacting after the fact has been huge.

Being able to tell a customer your part will be arriving at a specific time rather than 'it’s on the way' makes a big difference. Also, the reporting side of the program allows us to set performance goals for our people as well as show customers how we are performing for them.”

“C&M Auto Parts had been exploring and carefully scrutinizing EXTRA for 2 years prior implementing the system in March of 2014. It was the best decision we could’ve made. Not only did EXTRA cut expenses in payroll and fuel, it actually generated more revenue with customer satisfaction. Customers are impressed with our ability to give real-time data of their orders whereas the competitor has to guess. They also enjoy the capabilities of seeing their own orders online. EXTRA’s Team was, and still is, a well knowledgeable staff. They are receptive to our needs and also open to suggestions from us to create a very robust system. They take our dreams and make them into reality!"

"cut expenses in payroll and fuel... generated more revenue"

Onur Guneren
General Manager
C&M Auto Parts

"product is truly innovative"

Stephen Sigg
eBusiness Coordinator
General Motors

“Elite EXTRA’s innovative core technology has allowed us to deliver a higher level of customer service to our distributors by providing a technology which enables real-time delivery times and related information in support of our eBay/WHI ecommerce portal. Elite EXTRA’s core product is truly innovative, however, their ability to integrate into business processes in multiple business verticals results in true business value. Innovative products and the innovative application of these products, that is Elite EXTRA.”

“EXTRA has become a vital part of our operation, allowing us to quickly and accurately track our deliveries, and making everyone more productive.

Our drivers love it because it is easy to use, and it helps them be more efficient by organizing their routes to expedite deliveries to our customers.”

"making everyone more productive"

Perry Barth
Parts Manager
Baxter Ford

"the EXTRA program has been essential in providing dependable and expedited delivery services"

Ruben Dekhbachyan
Vice President and General Manager
UnderCar Plus Inc.

“We can confidently say the EXTRA program has been essential in providing dependable and expedited delivery services to our customers.

EXTRA is also a very helpful tool when trying to manage a fleet of drivers spread about your city, the flexibility of this program allows us to better control our routes and monitor closely our customers' deliveries once out of our warehouse.

Overall EXTRA has greatly improved our service to our existing customers and allowed us to expand and maintain a growing customer base while offering the same great service Undercar Plus is known for.”

“Crosstown has now been live on EXTRA since January 1st (2015) and I must say EXTRA has opened my eyes to a whole new world when it comes to the parts delivery process and efficiency. I quickly discovered through EXTRA how inefficient our delivery process was and how many advantages the EXTRA program brought to my department and personnel. EXTRA has provided Crosstown with everything you said it would and more. I am so happy I attended your seminar at Digital Dealer and we connected. Your support team has been awesome and very helpful in every way. As we continue to grow in sales and service, EXTRA will be a key ingredient to our success.”

"EXTRA will be a key ingredient to our success"

Scott Saunders
Director of Parts
Crosstown Auto Centre

"made things a lot easier"

Stephanie Butero
Gold Cross

"The EXTRA team custom built an app for us to use on our residential deliveries during the holiday season. Getting it up and running quickly, and tweaked for our needs, made things a lot easier during the busiest time of the season! The recurring routes feature built for us has been instrumental in increasing the level of customer service we can provide. When a customer calls looking for a package, we have real time reports with signatures that we can provide to the customer to track down packages quickly. The staff at Elite Extra is top notch. They are readily available, help with all aspects of training from management level down to our drivers, and overall easy to work with."
"...The two things that I was not expecting was first; the high level of professionalism and customer service from the EXTRA Team, they have been there every step of the way to get us set up and using the tool to the fullest. Second, the level of visualization with their reporting is something that I have never seen before. I am able to calculate profitability of our routes and deliveries, check the performance of our drivers, and view the level of success and efficiency in which our customers are being delivered. That, as well as the rest of the EXTRA functionality, has worked to become an excellent tool to continue our success..."

"high level of professionalism and customer service"

Richard Helms
Parts Manager
Charlotte Truck Center

"costs down and profits up"

Dave Wilmont
Driver Solutions Inc.

"...With the on-screen GPS and in-app chat feature we can find our delivery points faster and communicate with our dispatchers without calling... With EXTRA's software and customer support we enjoy being able to provide our customers with the latest features they expect and deserve, while keeping their costs down and profits up."
"...it has made a WORLD of difference... Our counter guys are spoiled because now they can view ETAs within a few seconds and tell the customer a window of arrival time. ...Sometimes a customer will call saying they never got a delivery. With EXTRA you can pull the invoice and tell them who signed for it."

"World of Difference"

Ryan Wrege
TBA & Oil Warehouse

"absolutely love the efficiency"

Rick Williams
Parts Manager
Mike Maroone Honda

"...Since joining EXTRA we have been able to control our vehicle expenses by using the most effective routing for our deliveries. There is no more wondering where the drivers are at or why it is taking so long to complete a run, and the customers, who are how we make a living, absolutely love the efficiency we are able to provide."
"We have found the EXTRA program to make dispatching considerably more efficient with improved delivery performance and customer service. The combination of GPS tracking and easy driver routing and tracking have made the dispatcher’s job much easier."

"considerably more efficient"

Rich Bullard
Fast Undercar, Stockton

"Keeps Getting Better"

Brent Kawaguchi
General Manager
Fast Undercar, Salem

"Everything is great. Our driver efficiency keeps getting better. EXTRA is everything I thought it would be and more. A happy customer!"
"...EXTRA didn't create revenue, it cut expenses, mainly human and fuel resources. Today I'm doing more volume with only a marginal increase in expense. Without EXTRA I can't imagine spending my way into more return. We are earning more revenue because we are better, faster and different."

"Cut Expenses"

Rick Monteiro
Parts Director
Jack Powell Chrysler Jeep Dodge

"Took the Time"

John Jones
General Manager

“...The EXTRA team took the time to understand our business and made all of our requested changes…We feel that we are better able to service our customers because we can see, in live time, the status of our parts deliveries. As we integrate EXTRA,... we feel we are going to be able to dispatch all 16 locations from a few remote locations.”
"Elite EXTRA is a powerful solution that impacts all facets of our daily operations from managers to delivery drivers. The one word that comes to mind is visibility, not just where the drivers are, but more importantly where the parts and invoices are that are being delivered. EXTRA allows our counter folks to quickly answer the age old question from the customer, “where are my parts?”. EXTRA has proven to not only be a real-time asset, but a management tool that has allowed us to actually know how we are servicing our customers, as well as set benchmarks, and expectations for our personnel. We have 32 locations and our delivery system in each one is a bit different. Whether there are 3 drivers or 50 running out of a location, EXTRA has become a must have within our group."

"a must have"

Matt Porter
Vice President
Fast Undercar Franchise Corp.

"Extremely Efficient and Lightweight"

Tim Cordell
Former Senior Director of Operations
Factory Motor Parts

"...We heard about EXTRA emerging onto the scene, set up a demo, and haven’t looked back. As a product, EXTRA is an extremely efficient and lightweight tool for routing and tracking our drivers and our parts. As a company, ADC has provided customer support and services that have exceeded our expectations."
"The EXTRA application has significantly improved delivery management at Fast Undercar. The biggest challenge today is improving efficiency at every level, and EXTRA is the right product to drive lower cost and improved service to our fleet. We love EXTRA."

"improved delivery management"

Bruce Douglass
Fast Undercar

"pleasure to work with"

Steve Hofer
Parts Manager
Park Chrysler Jeep

...Now that I am able to see my customer’s locations on the EXTRA map, I am easily able to modify my scheduled routes in order to further maximize efficiency. From start to finish the team at EXTRA has been a pleasure to work with. I can see they really enjoy what they do, and are driven to provide a great service to dealers.”
"...Having the map interface along with all other needed information is helpful because everything is on one screen rather than multiple applications. Customer service is excellent...just a phone call away and there is no getting transferred and waiting on hold. It is fantastic."

"Customer service is excellent"

Ron Durbin
Parts Director

"wholesale business has increased"

Joe McBeth
Parts Manager
Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

“With EXTRA our driver efficiency has went up tremendously. It has allowed us to eliminate one driver position. Our wholesale business has increased over the last year and we have not had to add back that driver. I honestly don’t see how we could get the same results without this type of program.”
“Things are going well! We are getting used to the system and I am very happy with the fact that we are now controlling our delivery drivers instead of them controlling us! Of course it’s helping customers get their orders in a more efficient manner too. We still have fine-tuning to do but over all it is going great!”

"more efficient"

Scott Lindwall
Wholesale Manager
Bommarito Nissan

“I love it”

Lori Gale
Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge

“I love it, the whole system! I have so much more time to get my other duties done; no more manually writing invoices on a manifest of who has what.”
"...the advantage we have over our competition was taken to a new level when EXTRA was added as our parts dispatch management system... Overall the system is the best one I’ve seen in operation. Thanks very much for increasing the gap between us and our competition!"

"system is the best"

Andy Duggan
Former Wholesale Parts Manager
John Elway Chevrolet

"changed my dispatching life"

Sarah Rose
Elite Logistics

"EXTRA has changed my dispatching life. We used to use a white board to keep track of 24 drivers throughout the city. Now, thanks to EXTRA, all that we have to do is pull up the monitor screen and we can see where all of our drivers are, which driver delivered what invoice, what time, how the customer paid, and if they returned parts."
“After training a variety of personnel, I am confident that EXTRA provides the most user friendly and intuitive dispatching and routing software available. The learning curve for users seems to be rapid; independent of age, experience, or program knowledge.”

"intuitive dispatching and routing software"

Travis Bickel
Former Operations Project Coordinator
Factory Motor Parts

"Great to work with"

Sam Phillips
Former Parts Director

“You all have been great to work with so far and thanks for all of your hard work and effort in setting us up.”
“Once IT (Information Technology) got their part done, everything was smooth – very impressed with the ease of installation. Virtually immediately, driver responsibility increased, which improved delivery times, which in turn made for happy customers!”

"very impressed"

Brent Hoge
Parts Manager
Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge

“more efficient”

Mike Morris
Parts Manger
Ralph Schomp Honda

...I would say it has cut back the phone calls he [the dispatcher] receives by 80%, which in turn allows him to focus more on dispatching and his other duties. That carries over to the drivers being more efficient. Overall, EXTRA has made our parts department as a whole more efficient!”
"Not only was Chad eager to help Samantha, but he did it with such a positive attitude that she came to tell me how pleasant it was to deal with Chad. He not only showed her how to correct the issue she called about, but gave a couple of more tips and tricks to use in the system."

"positive attitude"

Nathan Gray
General Manager
Factory Motor Parts, Albuquerque

"brought control into our large fleet"

Dave Wittlinger
Business Development Manager
Fred Beans Parts

“EXTRA has brought control into our large fleet. Not only can we see where our inefficiencies were (past tense) but with the current and future reporting tools we will finally be able to manage all trucking associated expenses. In this business it is often easier to make a profit by cutting expenses rather than trying to create more revenue.”

"...With the driver tracking I am able to more efficiently set routes up for our in-town deliveries knowing which driver will be back and at what time. The reporting feature has helped with our delivery confirmation to our customers when there has been a question of delivery receipt or time of delivery..."

"more efficiently set routes"

Eric Roskup
Dispatcher Manager

"integral part of our success"

Berry Gay
Parts Director
Go Courtesy Ford/Go Partscenter

"The EXTRA software has been an integral part of our success in growing our wholesale business."
"EXTRA has allowed us to stream-line our runs, cutting down on overtime to the point where that has almost paid for the system. We can add stops to runs without contacting or slowing down drivers. It allows our counter people to tell customers when they can expect their parts. The system has helped us cure overlapping runs."

"cure overlapping runs"

Chuck Blair
Parts Director
DSU Peterbilt

"could not be more pleased"

Steven Anderson
Warehouse Manager
Freightliner of Utah

"We recently implemented EXTRA and could not be more pleased with the performance and user friendly interface. Going from a manual paper system to a fully integrated web-based system has saved countless man hours and improved our overall efficiency dramatically. The transition was painless and quick, and within minutes we had our drivers dispatched and underway."
"I noticed significant improvements in efficiencies and return on my investment after the first month of using EXTRA... EXTRA sees their customers as their largest asset toward building the best routing and tracking tool out there. I needed my delivery routes to be optimized by a selected endpoint location rather than dealer location and the team worked to build an enhancement to their software which specifically met our delivery needs."

"costs down and profits up"

Howard Meeks
Parts Manager
Flemington Car and Truck Country