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EXTRA Features

The EXTRA system uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to assist dispatchers in creating optimized routes in minutes, rather than hours, saving time and money for you and your customers.

If a dispatcher has a need to rearrange a route, it’s as easy as a simple click and drag to reorganize the stops in any manner needed.

Route sequence optimization leads to fewer miles, fewer vehicles and a greater overall efficiency. Our customers have reported that EXTRA typically generates a 15 percent reduction in operating costs.

  • Optimized routes are efficient routes
  • Fewer dispatchers needed
  • More parts delivered with fewer drivers
  • Routes are easily changed and orders added

Optimizing routes is now even easier with our new Auto Route, Auto Suggest and Mobile Dispatching options.

EXTRA employs the GPS chip in mobile devices to feature real-time GPS tracking of drivers. As the GPS gets pinged every three to five seconds, your dispatchers and team will see on a map every move your drivers make.

That GPS allows you to know the Estimated Time of Arrival, or ETA, which is continuously updated in real-time, so your customers know when to expect you. Because the GPS chips used in mobile devices are the exact same chips found in traditional in-vehicle GPS units, you can expect the same accuracy, at a much lower cost.

  • Drivers and parts tracked through GPS chip in mobile devices - smart phones or tablets
  • Greater accountability; fewer unauthorized stops
  • Fewer calls between customer and distributor
  • Highly accurate geofencing, to within feet

In contrast to most product tracking systems, not only can your customers view their delivery status, they can also view an Estimated Time of Arrival, or ETA, which is continuously updated in real-time.

  • Easy-to-use web portal is constantly updated with new times
  • Customers can better plan their days
  • Knowing ETAs helps clients increase profits

Our signature capture system is an inexpensive EXTRA addon that captures and stores signatures electronically and securely. You have an easy proof of delivery right on your driver’s phone.

  • Easily record who signed for a delivery on a touch screen phone or tablet
  • Names are stored and available for future orders
  • Signatures are also stored for the customer and transmitted to EXTRA user’s Admin Order Grid

High-speed scanning doesn’t have to be high-priced.

As the industry adopts high-speed scanning on an Android platform, EXTRA is right there, supporting EDI, supporting the latest cost-effective technologies, like bluetooth.

Scanning Options - For high-volume scanning needs, EXTRA’s Android app takes care of business. For lower-volume needs, a hardware add-on with EXTRA’s Android app will suit you just fine. Whether via bluetooth or a stand alone unit, EXTRA supports how you scan.

Scan to Manifest - In addition to scanning orders into the warehouse, into hold, onto the truck, at pick-up, and at delivery, EXTRA empowers you to scan a package right onto a manifest.

Better Reporting - Because you’ll be able to scan at every point crucial to your business, EXTRA will be able to report on it, giving you insights into where inefficiencies may be hiding.

EXTRA provides Business Intelligence (BI) tools to help CEOs and managers improve decision making, cut costs and identify new business opportunities. With our reports, CEOs and managers can use BI to identify inefficient business processes that are ripe for re-engineering. Here are examples of some of the reports that you can use to help build on your BI:

Route Profitability - Questions like "What were my vehicle costs on that route?", "What was my profit for March?", or "Could I reduce expenses by altering my route patterns?" can all be answered through Route Profitability data. EXTRA staff will work with you to define what hard costs you have on routes and customize profit reporting to your business.

On Time Performance - Based on ShipVia or Zones, performance measures can be set based on service and delivery expectations. On time performance reporting provides insight into how well those expectations are being met, allowing you to refine zones and identify potential areas of concern where customer needs are not being met.

Missed ETAs - Your customers have visibility to the ETAs that are generated by the drivers’ route actions. When those times are missed by more than 15 minutes, you need to know about that. Proactively monitoring for missed ETAs before a customer complaint is possible through this report.

Route Departure Exceeded - Satisfying delivery expectations is not only a responsibility of the driver, but the dispatcher as well. If you use Scheduled Runs, are they being dispatched on time? This report will tell you.

Route Performance/Driver Performance - Since your customer's satisfaction is dependent on both your warehouse, dispatching and driver's performance, these two reports will break down the timing based on drivers or assigned routes.

Driver Activity - How much time are drivers spending off route vs on route? Where are my drivers between routes while signed in to EXTRA Driver? Answer these questions and view a summary of on and off route times through the Driver Activity report. This report allows you to see the utilization of staff time by returning on and off route percentages and a full break down of their log for the day with quick access to route details as well.

Orders Voided and Delivered - A great resource to see what orders are in fact being routed to drivers for delivery. You can even record a reason why these actions are done when a dispatcher uses Void or Mark Delivered options to monitor how thoroughly EXTRA is used. The better use of the tool, the better reporting you can get and the better you can service your customers.

Our dedicated customer support team is available all the hours you use the system to answer any questions you may have. We understand the need to be reliable and up 24/7. And we routinely call customers just to see how EXTRA is working for them and to answer any questions that may come up.

  • Friendly, capable staff who helped develop the system also support it
  • Live customer support included during business hours with 24/7 email support
  • Continuous product development by software developers to stay on the cutting edge for our customers
  • Top rated support team that recently received a 96 for “Business Relations” from Dun and Bradstreet, as rated by our past and current customers

EXTRA is deployed easily via the Internet as “software as a service,” so purchasing additional hardware and software is not required.

EXTRA also uses smart phones or tablets for driver communication, which when coupled with our new web technologies, makes the cost per driver less expensive than other systems.

  • Innovative new technology is lightweight and affordable
  • Easily integrates with most order entry systems
  • Developed for most smart phones and tablets
  • Upgrades are automatic and included in the price
  • To learn your return on investment (ROI), customizable reports give you around-the-clock access to critical operational information about your fleet and your drivers

Many companies are now requiring their vendors to be “green,” while others are simply concerned about reducing their carbon emissions. Because optimized routes are efficient routes, less gas per driver is used, and the carbon footprint on our planet is reduced.

  • Route sequence optimization not only saves time, it saves fuel with fewer miles logged
  • At least 5 percent less in fuel and vehicle costs are reported
  • Reduce idling time by avoiding traffic delays through Google traffic reports
  • Stay green by reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions
  • Signature capture reduces paper consumption