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Owners and CEOs

Owners and CEOs

As an owner or CEO, you are aware that transportation costs have a major impact on the success of your operation. Extracting maximum profits out of every pickup or delivery is critically important.

With EXTRA, you ensure that your logistics department creates the most cost-effective routes, while providing the flexibility to adjust service levels, meet time windows, and make last minute adjustments to the plan as needed. Once these routes are executed, you are able to review Business Intelligence -- actual data versus planned -- giving you the opportunity to consistently measure success.

After implementing our solution, our customers are seeing a return on investment of over 30%.

Additionally, you will notice a significant reduction in:

  • Mileage and fuel costs
  • Driver overtime and turnover
  • Employee routing time

You will notice improvements in:

  • Customer service and driver communication
  • Productivity and operational efficiency
  • Profit margin

If you are ready to take your transportation operation to the next level, please contact us for more information.