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Operations Directors, Transportation Managers, Logistics Managers... Regardless of your official title, you’re responsible for the smooth and efficient running of your department.

With the pressure to reduce expenses and drive business growth, maintaining the bottom line while managing all the daily challenges that arise can be difficult, especially if you have slim resources.

How Can EXTRA Help?

EXTRA is an affordable, lightweight, yet robust tool that provides optimized routes and real-time tracking, creating a traffic control center for your dispatcher to manage all your mobile resources and products.

You can save time and energy by reducing routing time, leaving you and your staff free to tackle other elements of the day as well as build upon your overall logistics’ strategy.

With this information you can quickly find areas in need of improvement and reduce extra costs while improving customer service. If you are ready to take your transportation operation to the next level, please contact us for more information.

EXTRA can easily and seamlessly integrate with point of service systems.