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EXTRA For Lumber and Building Materials

Elite EXTRA is the first cloud-based dispatch management solution designed for the building products distribution industry. EXTRA integrates with your existing Point of Sale/ERP system to grab relevant sales order, PO, and transfer data to streamline your dispatch and delivery operations. You can expect ROI and improved customer service through complete management of your driver's, orders and fleet, while maximizing your delivery resources.

EXTRA will give you a better way to schedule your delivery resources. Here’s how:

Scheduling Management - We integrate your live sales order data into our scheduler tool. Within seconds of entering an order in the ERP system, EXTRA will have visibility to that ticket including everything necessary to schedule it effectively. You’ll see:

  • Fleet availability by day and time slot
  • Details about the order
  • Transfer or backhaul to be scheduled
  • What type of material is being hauled
  • What type of additional equipment will be needed (i.e., Boom, Moffett)
  • When it was promised
  • Weight, volume even the line items on the ticket are available to help your dispatcher make the best scheduling decision possible

Visibility - Improve customer service with 360 degree order visibility. Each ticket gets automatically updated with real-time statuses as it goes through the process. Easily communicate internally or with the customer as to whether the order is being picked, enroute, or on the jobsite. Complete details including, who drove, which truck, when it left, when it arrived, jobsite pictures and signatures are all available online, and can easily be pushed back to your ERP system.

Support for Both Centralized or Stand Alone Dispatch Configurations - Tailored installations to support your dispatching methodology today and in the future.

Territory Crossover - Eliminate costly deliveries where branch A delivers into branch B’s territory.

Route Optimization - Use our sophisticated algorithm to have EXTRA schedule based on customer time windows, drive distance, fleet availability, fleet capacity and work rules.

Your delivery operation and fleet is likely the most expensive item on your income statement, second only to payroll.

Digital Vehicle Inspection Reporting - DVIR is an app for your drivers to complete and submit inspection reports for their vehicles and delivery equipment, before leaving the yard.

Vehicle Maintenance - EXTRA’s vehicle maintenance app can be used daily for pre-run checklist purposes, or it can accommodate periodic maintenance needs.

Real-time Alerts - EXTRA alerts dispatch and drivers when a vehicle has exceeded a maintenance interval and whether or not a driver is eligible or compliant.

Delivery disputes happen. There is nothing like having a POD, picture or signature for your CSR to rely on. All this happens automatically with EXTRA as a byproduct of making a customer delivery.

Job-site Picture Capture - EXTRA is programmed to take confirmation pictures at delivery or pickup, and have them filed, indexed and real-time integration back into the application with no user interaction.

Signature Capture - Grab a signature right on your device. That signature is immediately affixed electronically to your invoices and documents for email, print on demand, or electronic filing.

Piece Count Support - Supports the ability to reject quantity at the line item level and simultaneously notify the office of so a replacement item can be immediately scheduled

GPS tracking should do more for you than just tell you where your drivers are - EXTRA does that:

Real-time ETAs - By combining our GPS tools with your sales order address data, you’ll know exactly when your drivers will arrive at each job site on their manifest.

Manage by Exception - Before the driver leaves, EXTRA estimates the miles and time that a stop will take measuring both drive time and stop duration. Dispatch will be automatically alerted by exception when an ETA is exceeded.

Customer Service in Real-time - EXTRA can push ETAs to your customer web portal, or ours, saving everybody the phone call.

Smart Geo-fencing - Job sites in new subdivisions without address information are the norm, not the exception. EXTRA can learn the address with the first delivery arrival.

All the functionality you need on one shared low cost device. You’ll receive Telematics and FMCSA support through our integrated partners.

Easy Communication - In-cab tablet support and communication between drivers and dispatchers through our Android or iOS driver application is simple, cost effective, and safe.

Hours of Service - Complete FMCSA compliance.

IFTA Fuel Tax Support - State fuel tax reporting.

DVIR Support - Flexibility to configure the questions for your operation

Effective operations management requires analytics beyond simple GPS tracking:

ABC Costing - Just because the gross margin was acceptable when the sale was made doesn’t mean the account is profitable AFTER applying the delivery expense. Understanding the specific delivery costs associated with delivering a job is critical to serving an account profitably. EXTRA supplies that Activity-Based Costing data so you can make better pricing decisions.

OTIF Reporting - Your customer evaluates your delivery performance based on whether you get product to the jobsite when promised. EXTRA measures that service level performance.

Simplicity - If you have an internet connection and a browser, you have everything you need to run EXTRA. No servers, complicated installs, expensive user licenses are required.

Support - Support is handled through our Customer Experience Center and support teams freeing your IT staff for more pressing concerns.

Flexible - An unparalleled range of functionality and features allows EXTRA to account for how you do business. We can simply turn on the features you need, and turn off the ones you don’t.

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  • WI Innovation Award
  • Chippewa County Business of the Year
  • Eau Claire Chamber Business of the Year
  • CIO Review’s Top 20 Logistics Technology Solution Provider
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