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EXTRA For Couriers

EXTRA is a web-based order and dispatch management tool that couriers across North America are using to streamline their delivery operations. User feedback is the primary driver for monthly free feature updates. From quote and order creation to highly flexible dispatching and optimized routing, real-time GPS tracking, essential mobile functionality, and robust reporting, you won't find a more cost effective tool to streamline your dispatch and delivery operations.

If there is a faster way for your drivers to complete their routes, EXTRA will find it.

This means different things to different organizations, but to us it means efficiency. Whether runs are scheduled, on-demand, skeleton routes, hot shot, or pickups, the bottom line is that EXTRA makes it easy for you to get your drivers out the door immediately, and back in at the end of the day in the most efficient way possible.

Customizable Automated Routing and Dispatch - EXTRA builds optimal routes, while providing flexibility to satisfy priority orders or customers either on the fly or manually.

Driver Usability - Because no two days are the same, your drivers can have the ability to add/change stops/orders/pick-ups mid-route, depending on what your business demands.

Easy Communication - Communication between drivers and dispatchers through our Android or iOS driver application is simple, cost effective, and safe.

Mobile App - EXTRA ToGo Mobile App allows users to view drivers and routes while away from their computers.

High-speed scanning doesn’t have to be high-priced.

As the industry adopts high-speed scanning on an Android platform, EXTRA is right there, supporting EDI, supporting the latest cost-effective technologies, like bluetooth.

Scanning Options - For high-volume scanning needs, EXTRA’s Android app takes care of business. For lower-volume needs, a hardware add-on with EXTRA’s Android app will suit you just fine. Whether via bluetooth or a stand alone unit, EXTRA supports how you scan.

Scan to Manifest - In addition to scanning orders into the warehouse, into hold, onto the truck, at pick-up, and at delivery, EXTRA empowers you to scan a package right onto a manifest.

Better Reporting - Because you’ll be able to scan at every point crucial to your business, EXTRA will be able to report on it, giving you insights into where inefficiencies may be hiding.

When your business requires you to obtain a POD, it has to be quick, and it has to be easy.

Signature Capture - Grab a signature right on your device. That signature then immediately gets affixed electronically to your invoices and documents for email or print on demand functionality, or for electronic filing.

Delivery or Pick-up Scanning - EXTRA is programmed to work with EDI on Android high-speed scanners for the times a quick delivery scan is all that’s needed.

Piece Count - Whether manually entered or scanned in, each piece in a stop - whether staying or leaving - will be accounted for, quickly.

POD Documents - Have detailed POD documents automatically sent to a unique customer portal for your clients.

GPS tracking can do more for you than just tell you where your drivers are.

Real-time ETAs - Know when your drivers will arrive at each stop on the manifest, with GPS signals getting pinged every 10-15 seconds.

Customer Service in Real-time - Whether you want EXTRA to push ETAs to a customer web portal, or just have that available to your service team, EXTRA is setting the pace for integrating real-time with work flow.

Dynamic Route Visualization and Management - EXTRA offers easy visibility of your active and pending routes in a dynamic web map.

Geofencing - EXTRA can automatically account for arrivals and departures of stops with the Geofencing feature. Your drivers’ hands belong on the wheel, and their eyes on the road.

All the functionality a courier needs on one device, without the headache of having to deal with mobile providers.

Routes and Manifests - Dispatch optimally sequenced routes right to a driver’s mobile device - smartphone or tablet.

Report delays, capture proof of delivery, enter quantity delivered or picked up, keep your delivery person in the driver’s seat, even outside of the truck.

Compatibility is no problem - Most likely, the devices you may already have will work with EXTRA. If not, our mobile specialists can get you equipped with devices from any major carrier for free, with plans at cost.

With many different flavors of financial needs in your industry, EXTRA offers turnkey solutions

Quickbooks Integration - Seamless integration with Quickbooks gets your billing information translated into invoices in real-time.

Billing/Quoting Engine - When a prospective customer calls in for a quote, it’s imperative that you not only are able to provide a quote on the spot, but save that quote should they call back later and move forward.

Vehicle Maintenance - EXTRA’s vehicle maintenance app can be used daily for pre-run checklist purposes, or it can accommodate periodic maintenance needs. Further, you can use EXTRA to track expenses: gas, tolls, etc.

At any given time, you can see a snapshot of either a single driver, or pull historical data on any piece of your operation.

Integrated Intelligence - Because EXTRA can integrate with your order management, billing, and CRM systems, you get reporting on nearly every facet of your business.

Robust Reporting - You can drill down to get the details you need to make informed business decisions - exception reporting, order, inventory, driver, sales, management information, and much more.

Map-based Reporting - From historic breadcrumbs-styled reports, to business intelligence that can stand alone, or put into a map-based context.

With clients’ needs liable to change in a flash, you need the flexibility to quickly adapt.

Inexpensive - SaaS is cost-effective by nature - from getting started to ongoing usage, EXTRA is all about efficiency and ROI.

Support - Because your instance of EXTRA is a secure website, if you have questions, we can log into your unique site, see what you’re seeing, and walk you through to a solution.

Lightweight - You don’t need to install anything: servers, hardware, or software. We build you your own EXTRA website, pass along the administration credentials, and when you’re comfortable, you are live.

Flexible - An unparalleled range of functionality and features allows EXTRA to account for just about every way of doing business. We can simply turn on the features you need, and turn off the ones you don’t (at this point in time).

You need more than just software, you need EXTRA.

  • Low cost, quick EDI turnaround
  • Award-winning service and support on a cloud platform
  • Bluetooth telematics and engine diagnostics
  • Vehicle Maintenance

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